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There is a cure for Covid. It’s called good health. People who are truly healthy don’t get sick. If you get sick it means your immune systems is compromised in some way. Most people are deluded and think they are actually healthy when they aren’t. Getting COVID isn’t a case of bad luck. It happened because you the person allowed yourself to get sick by not taking care of your own body. It’s a hard thing to digest for most people but viruses have no secret agenda, they aren’t waiting to jump on you as you walk around. They are able to compromise your health only when you allow them to.


Normally I would agree with you but this vaccine is killing me. Real world I am taking everything I can to sustain energy and this thing is still killing all of that and giving me fatigue. Something is wrong, this has to be biowarfare.

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I saw something really interesting from an energy healer about the vaccine. She had a patient who was vaccinated and it had a severe effect on her. The healer describes the vaccine as causing a kind of separation of consciousness from the physical body. In effect it has a kind of zombie effect on the human body by stopping the persons consciousness from accessing the body correctly. There is a huge agenda behind this. I would suggest you check out these guys website and do a healing session with them. They are your best bet to reverse what has been done to you.

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You’ll feel back to normal soon.

I had my J&J vaccine on Friday morning. That night my immune system was in overdrive and I felt very out of sorts. I had back pain, neck pain, headache, and an overall sense of wanting to just rest. I timed the shot perfectly with my sleep schedule because the aches peaked Friday night. I could feel them every time I woke up but I mostly just slept through them. The next day was better but still not great. Still mild aches and headache. Saturday evening I started feeling back to normal. Now I feel great.

Just get some rest and stay hydrated. Hang in there @Aironeous.


Some time ago I told you all my father is on IC with COVID and in a coma… not good at all.

Well, good news needs to be shared too, and I can tell you he is back amongst the living.
Him getting a tracheotomy has been a lifesaver and made treatment easier and of a high quality.

Yesterday we had our first conversation…he is still seeing some strange things (hallucinations) due to the medication but that will fade.
Still a long way to go, but I am confident he will get there.

Again thx for your support, prayers and burning candles!! :purple_heart:


That’s fantastic news @MJHead

Sending prayers and positive vibes from the uk

May he recover fast !!



Brilliant mate… fingers crossed for fast recovery :crossed_fingers:


Wishing your father a speedy recovery @MJHead :+1:


That’s very good news, wishing him a speedy recovery.


this is an interesting video on repairing lung damage


I tried everything and you know what saved me? Liquid vitamin D3, 3 drops a day. I thought I was going to be out of commission for another 3 weeks like the first shot but this saved me. I told a coworker and she was like “give me that” and took like 8 drops. Someone else entered the conversation and my coworker said to her that she had 4 espresso shots and she still wanted to go home and sleep after her second shot. The next day I asked her if that helped and she said definitely it worked. I think it is because we are white (light skinned) and work indoors all the time. I thought I was getting enough vitamin D through my supplements but apparently it wasn’t absorbing well and this vaccine puts a heavy tax on it.

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