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Ok, well I get that it’s a bit of a market research tool, but I could really use more :heart: to give away in this forum. There’s a lot of good contributors here posting great stuff, and just not enough :heart:s to go around. This will be tougher as we can more users, even for us Profs. I know this doesn’t effect everyone either.

Hey, if this is the biggest problem I have with ETN (not even really, just the forum), it’s really not that bad. :joy: Not concerned about the other stuff anyway, things will work their way out over time, as they always have.


Finally we got one more top exchange. Sell the news im affraid


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Hi all.

Question - What impact will normal trading on huobi have on ETN price? So once withdrawals and deposits are all in place and US are open for trading, I would expect bigger volumes.

But what do you guys think will happen to the price as trading starts to normalise?

Also - a little irritating that the US is excluded for now…


Personally I think the exchange will have more volume than hitbtc. If we remember back everyone wanted that exchange but look at how many are using it. They are both top exchanges. But I have a feeling personally that this exchange will have steady volume. We will have to see though. It is hard to predict what will happen, I expect buyers I expect sellers. We will need to see how it starts to play out live to get a better feel of what’s going to happen. Regardless it is a top exchange that allows institutional investing. It is defiantly a benefit in the long run.

Being from the USA I also wish it were live at the same time for us. But it’s just around the corner I’ll be ready when it’s live for us. Definitely a step in the right direction imo hopefully we see some nice steady volume :+1:


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This is a good idea. Linking to unstable currencies causes challenges. Not sure how to implement such a change though.



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Read the part about Facebook going after the remittance Market…

How will this impact ETNs remittance plans? All I can say is ETN better get a move on because Facebook is about to take a huge portion of their future business before they even start.