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This thread has been created as a place to come and discuss your thoughts on ETN price, future and exchanges. Share your constructive criticism and joys for this project. Please do your best to keep it well rounded and balanced. Please keep it FUD free and polite. Enjoy!

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@Latroy @Pete You know, I was wondering if it would be possible for these people to use ETN as a stand alone currency not comparing it to RAND or USD. THAT would be amazing. They would just hold on to it and use it amongnst themselves. But that can only happen if they can’t access exchanges.


@Latroy The very act of being a success, along with mobile deals and the never ending list of amazing things Electroneum team is working towards, will guarantee the value goes up due to the demand. You can’t have one without the other. If people are using ETN in the gig economy and paying for bills and buying things from the ever increasing list of vendors, it’s just not mathematically possible for the value to be going down. So there won’t be a need for “patient holders”. That only exists now while ETN is still speculative.

In all honesty, I believe only a major catastrophe could take this project down. This team has covered every corner, no stone stone left unturned. It’s clear they have a domino effect in place. If you have thought it, I almost guarantee they already have a plan.


Sorry, I posted that in the wrong thread :joy:


Every commodity has to have an exchange rate but being able to liquidate and acquire via the app would the closest to having a “closed loop” eco system.


And Chris Gorman is on the team.


@Latroy did you see Begamutex’s response to you on Moonwalk? Circa 7540


Yes, it will go up, but there can still be dips. I think @Latroy was suggesting that even after big price increases “ordinary” non-investors will be alarmed by pullbacks in price, even when currency is more widely used and more mature than it is now?


Cheers, saw that…


Sure I understand that but if Electroneum is to be successful with their goals, the price can only steadily grow due to the real world use leading up to mass adoption. If they are to achieve mass adoption, it won’t be as volitile as it is now because it won’t be speculative. The only way the price will be dipping is if the team is unsuccessful. There may be a slow down but I would say the price will hold still and not drop. I’m only referring to the timeframe where we have successful use of services Electroneum is providing, as per @Latroy’s original question. The only way mass adoption can be achieved is through user growth which by definition, means the price has to steadily increase.
You’re right @Pete, there will come a point when ETN will stabilise but that’s long after mass adoption imo.


Well this is the dilemma we have then, if price will stabilize long after mass adoption, but needs stability for mass adoption to take place…this is why they are correct in targeting places where there is a need for it, where it can be useful despite some early ups and downs and hopefully keep growing until stability comes, but we are in uncharted waters really, so who knows?

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Everybody are moving mountains with strong/concrete partnerships, wallets, cards and we are still in the ice age compared to the trend.
Sorry, im out now, when etn will reach 200 sats ill sell everything. Enough for me :slight_smile: , after a year nothing really happened. Maybe you dream big, beeing mass adopted, but for me the profit is more important and after that we can talk. Dont lack funds but cant stay -80% for 2 years more or less.
In the end we failed because we are 100% on the adoption strategy but forget the basic thing for a COIN, which is 100% different than a product you launch outside of blockchain, i call it fail, for 80% of you is hard to comprend as etn was your entrance into crypto world :smiley:


@LordSF95 You’re viewing it from a crypto trader’s point of view and not seeing it is a fin tech company as well. This was bound to happen since the target market was never the Crypto crowd.

Anyway I think you’re making the right decision, you’ve been very down on ETN for a long time, it’s probably time to cut your losses and move on.


Said every person that overextended themselves during the bear market. It’s OK to sell and move on whenever it makes sense for your situation. Just check your emotions at the door and refrain from becoming the next FUDster that can never let go.


LordSF95… I think you should be ready to sell it today… price has nice pomp this morning :wink:


It is sad to see you go, the irony of it all is that you had already gone through the worst part of this journey. None the less, I respect your decision. Check back in 2 years from now and see where you could have been if you stayed.



Goodluck to your journey Lord
please keep us safe always and bless us with more profit with ETN ! :smiley:


Goodbye friend. It was nice to have you while you were here. Don’t forget to write and don’t forget your electric love out there in the cold crypto world. Maybe we will see you again one day. Bon voyage!


Goodbye kind Sir, we will meet again. Don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we will meet again some happy time. :grin: