Conspiracy theories

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Consider this thread as free to any kind of conspiracy theory posting.


Did man really land on the moon??
If so , why are we not trying to go to the moon again?Why are we trying to go to Mars?

Is it because of the dark side of the moon?Are there extra-terrestrial beings or tech not known to us on moon?

My fiance is going to love this thread haha

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ia global warming really a thing?is the earth really getting warmer or is it just natural?

We did really land there actually and lot’s of proof to verify such. This ones been debunked many times, even satellite images have seen the flag/footprints etc.

We’re actually going to be building a moon base in a few years, one reason we didn’t go back was the moon dust which wreaked havoc on the equipment.

Those things aside, there have been people who’s seen some NASA photos that weren’t supposed to be seen indicating structures being there.

We’re going to Mars to expand human civilization in case we have a cataclysmic event here on earth well that’s one reason, of course we should become a multi planetary species aside from that too.

Far as ET’s I have 0 doubts about any of that as I’ve seen mountains of evidence supporting advanced extraterrestrial beings. We have another thread on this too, look at some of the ISS footage and lot’s can be seen. Of course there is far more than just the ISS footage.

Before anyone considers we went to the moon, ask yourself what is the best empirical evidence you have seen to conclude this reality. And words from ‘scientists’ or ‘suspicious proofs’ require more than belief.

Will the e-cat ( an energy producing device, see at ) have more customers or will it be supressed? The device’s demo (commercial version) is on 31. January 2019 at a customer’s site, there will be a youtube link provided soon. An earlier prototype’s demo is discussed here:
The prototype had more than 500 as the ratio between the produced and consumed energy.

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Wicked Idea.
Yeah, all the conspiracies together in one topic
50,000 years ago they started mapping the universe.
Then all of a sudden 48000 years later they changed their minds.
Truth or dare?

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The system is a lie and the media is manipulation

The system is a manipulation and the media is a lie :wink: haha just had to

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And we’re all programmed

Bitcoin is being manipulated to stay at 3800-3900$.All thanks to Btc futures and people who buy them otherwise btc would be 20K+.
This is what happens when Btc becomes centralized.
Governments getting involved in crypto , financial institutions saying yes to crypto.
Those guys just want to make btc disappear or hope that people lose hope.
When the apocalypse comes in 2020 , all the damn fiats crashing worldwide , HYPERINFLATION , we’ll see who’s laughing then!!
Be sure to get some popcorn,coke cause when the Armageddon show begins , we can just enjoy the ride.


Time to take a little historical detour on this conspiracy thing.


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