Considering Using Drones?

I think it’s cool if Richard And His team and us start using drones to do advertisement like sharing of electroneum flyers, reasonable amount of etn loaded on paper wallet, etn customize shirts And instructions on how to go about etn. Then send the drones to states, cities, towns, and even other countries to create more awareness. And make it extraordinary.

Probably better targeting people through smart phones, it’s cheaper, more eco friendly and you can target your customers based on their internet usage.


Yes yes we must save cost

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They could fly an Electroneum drone over Gatwick Airport and cause major flight delays like some idiots did last week. I’m pretty sure that made international news.

In all seriousness, parterships with companies that make iBeacons or the equivalent could be worth looking into. They can be set up in shops or anywhere for that matter, such as at major sporting or music events, universities, airports etc. The idea is that when you walk within proximity to an iBeacon you receive a notification to your phone saying ‘Download Electroneum’ or ‘Pay with Elecroneum for 10% discounts in store’