Connection in progress

Help, my app says me “connection in progress” but it never connects.

Reset your phone, and re login. This works for me. Not sure if it’s just to check if you’re a legit user.

Try connecting via data first then connect via WiFi or visa versa this worked for me

In the end the problem was solved by itself.
Thanks everybody for your availability.

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Help, the problem Is back.
I don’t have connection via data and I don’t want reset my phone.
I already restarted my phone 3 times.

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I don’t have data on my phone, keeps trying to connect. I’ve tried both of my wifi connections. It will work fine and then pop up no wifi…nothing wrong with my wifi.

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Must be something in the air. Mine or the wife’s will not connect either . Everything else in the app is fine .

Another strange thing mine updated an hour ago , but hers didn’t ( according to Google play ) yet were on the same app version. Strange

Now all working … they must be preparing the app for cloud mining or getting the new servers ready…

All will be great in the end

I’m also having the same problem and have tried restarting my phone and connecting with the wifi on and off. :frowning: no luck for me


Guys, After 14 hours the problem is solved by itself again.
Moreover I noticed that my etn have been updated +0,25.
It’s like my account was blocked for All this time.

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The problem Is back again -_-
I sent an email to the staff two Days ago but still no answer.
Why does it do that?

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