Connection Error


Anyone else experiencing the app dropping the connection happens to me on both 4g and wifi since the last update of the app


I only have that issue if I have left both WiFi and 4g on , so if I leave the house the WiFi switches off and 4g on , the the app has a fit and says error etc until the 4g connects.

Maybe that ?


Yes, if you leave the house being on WiFi and then it switches to data, if you try to update the app it won’t work. So you have to reopen the app, that’s all.


Possibly will leave it on 4g all the time and see if it continues to do it


I have the same. I turn mobile data off at home. Only wifi then. (GF too) Since a few days those connection errors occur. I did not have them before. Not sure what to do about it. Guess we‘ll have to wait until they fix something. Until then, we‘ll have to reconnect very very often. :frowning:


They Will close the topic because you say, something its wrong :slight_smile:


From last update i have connection problems, miner stops suddenly, very slow login, etc…


I see no issues with my app. The only thing is that I too have to reopen it when switching from WiFi to data.


Its strange, i just now try to switch from wifi to data and work well, this its not a issue for me, but this last week app its sometimes very slow to login , like high traffic problems, with 2.6.2 , 0 problems