Connecting dots, feeling shaky and big fomo

I’m starting to sort of shake and feeling a huge fomo regarding MWC.
I’ve done some reading and connected a few dots i feel we as ETN will be a huge role over at the MWC!




(telecoms) our market

Samsung is creating a blockchain Phone, we have a Samsung logo on HP.

I dont know, but personally i think that upcoming MWC might be ALOT bigger and much more importany than ppl think.

I have more dots connected on my computer but wont be home for some time and I could Not wait more to share these thoughts.

What do you guys think? Are we sitting comfy going into 2019, how many coins out there will have to shut down.

IMO the fomo is growing Day by Day, and I cant help to smile for this new upcoming era

Dont be concerned about being alone in your excitement regarding MWC Barcelona.
You’ve got more than enough people just ready to scream out loud with you!!
The amount of investors developers telcos and the massive media presence is enough to get anyone rattling about connections.
Electroneum is the only cryptocurrency being represented there ( I am led to believe)
Just so much on stage, so many opportunities its just a gift for this project.
Announcements being made…we like announcements!
Bring it on Barcelona!
:heart: Electroneum :heart:


Buy the rumour, (don’t) sell the news :smile:

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Why creating more FOMO on me? :smiley:


It really is exciting stuff! MWC is a really big deal. MWC 2018 was just about getting our foot in the door now 2019 Barcelona, Electroneum will make huge waves I believe.

Two secret projects to be announced there, any guesses? Rumours of Samsung have been floating around since the beginning of the year for obvious reasons. Maybe they weren’t just rumours and they’re partnering up with Electroneum?? My first guess.

Second would be good old Richard Branson rumour will come to life and be announced :nerd_face::rocket::new_moon_with_face:


As @Pahini said you’re not the only excited one! I can’t wait for the MWC this year to see what Electroneum announces. They’ve come such a long ways since they attended last year so it’ll be very interesting to see what occurs. So curious about the 2 secret projects that have been mentioned too.


I’m glad to be positioned in the same boat as all you lovely people here, this community feels so humble and thoughtful. Finally a serious company thinking of how to help and progress into the future, making everyone anywhere at anytime have the same possibilities as us westerners have had it in the past decades.

Some huge shifts regarding World finances and accessability is imminent, and im glad to hopefully be part of it!

Anything can happen, but every BIG question at MWC is directly ETN’S, or rather OUR target as a community and company!

People around the globe want a Change, it’s bound to happen wether it goes fast or slow is not my part to say. But all the information I have gathered I have a feeling that most of the paperwork has been completed already, all left to do is press the GO Button!

Be safe and have a awesome ending of 2018 everyone :heartpulse:


Buy the ETN While you can it will be getting expensive once MWC comes around.