Congrats I started accepting ETN


**I think this is working fine
Please check my screenshots



I go to the site and select 1 item to add to the cart and it does not go there.


Could you please send me the screenshot, as you can see I can add
Please take a screenshot ,so that I could came to knket where Is actually problem


send me your stores URL i did not book mark it




Site seems to be working now !


OK thanks for the help and reply dear


Congrats on the shout out ! :+1:
Keep up the great work ! :zap::zap::zap:


Thanks ,yaa I would like to add more products soon


What stuffs you deal inn


They have a variety of things check out their website


we are dealing with dry fruits ,costly spices, handicraft items,tourism adventures
Though we are available this time for few products,but very soon you will see a large context of products