Congrats I started accepting ETN


Hello guys
Congrats to all of you,as I had started to accept the electroneum onto my e commerce website.
Have a look onto the website ,and have your reviews there or you may have reply here also,
Your review will help us to clear any bug if there will be.


Can you give us a link to the shoop :slight_smile:




Thankyou @e98e18ff497fdf937592
I shall peruse your shooop


OK thanks dear
Please have visit and ask your friends too:blush:


I am one of the 2.5 million ETN shoppers I will have a look Bro.



heyy man …:wink:


Gota give the people ETN and listen to the music make the people smile


Great bro, you are doing awesome


please invite friends to visit my e commerce website to have a look onto it
Or buy and pay via Etn
So that I can get appreciation


Nice one mate. Cool stuff


Sick (20 char limit thing)


thanks dear ,we are going to add more product soon


I am not getting you actually ,what do you mean
Are you found any bugs with in the website



Thanks so much Dave
for building confidence


Proud to announce we are finally live & accepting ETN:


I am unable to add items to the shopping cart


could you please send me screenshot
So that I came to know where you actually getting problem