Concept: sticky transcations

So I was watching this video of Brian in South Africa receiving payments through ETN for his car wash and he mentioned that it is a lot safer cause you don’t have to keep cash.

While I was watching this imagining that I was going to rob Brian. I would have downloaded the ETN app in advance. Then at gunpoint I would tell Brian to transact all his ETN on his wallet to mine.

Then I had this idea; what if you could deliberately put a setting on your own account so you wouldn’t be able to transact a larger sum of ETN (of your own preferable choice) within a certain timespan? Instead of instant transactions - sticky transactions

Let’s say Brain would restrict so he could receive any amount of ETN, but only send 2000 ETN at maximum for every 7 days. In order to deactivate the sticky transcations you would need to wait a certain amount of time until the sticky transactions is removed, thus further securing that you wouldn’t be able to just deactivate the feature while being robbed. This cooldown feature would basically work on the same premises like betting limits on betting sites.

Is sticky transactions something that could be further developed? What purposes more than an anti-theft mechanism could sticky transaction solve? Parental control of wallets maybe? Let me hear your ideas!

Great concept. Definitely needs to be looked into for safety on the ground


Sounds like a good idea. I wonder whether the cold storage would go some-way towards achieving this??


I thought about this too and believe it would be great if you could devide your balance. To have only a portion of coins available for spending and to be shown in balance. Other part you could hide or something so it wouldn’t show as available balace. That way when you pay someone you won’t have the whole amount of coins shown


Yep. Needed. He isnt carrying cash but when it becomes popular you can steal etn tho youd have to send to an anonymous wallet.


Yea the ‘robber’ would need to understand the concept and also have a paper wallet printed ready. Both unlikely tbh, also brian would be able to find the etn address it was sent to in the web wallet after being robbed and alert the team via a support ticket with the transaction information. But a system for vendor refunds and pausing transactions is in the pipeline anyway… don’t panic. :slight_smile:

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