‘Competition entry’


Maybe you will win the next one. I havent won anything in a while til now. Lol


Didnt you post that Christmas story before Christmas?
Dont get me wrong but just wondering. Do correct me if I am incorrect.

There was very good fictional stories left out.
I am sure they judged based on true (interesting / nicely put) stories.
Look at mine. It had nothing that crazy, I just put what I actually felt and it was fairly basic.

Its going to be printed inside the graphic novel. Why would they show negative? This contest was a positive contest celebrating the 1year. Think about it, the whole crypto world is down , Etn isnt the only one but ETN have achieved a lot and is moving forward.
People lose money of they sell low. This has nothing to do with the contest.


I think this contest was not fair at all.
The winners should be chosen based on the number of likes the get from the comunity not based on the opinion of 1 or 2 admins.
In the beginning they said our community is important to us, but they proved that only the business side of the contest is important for them.


Didnt you read the rules before entering?


I did.
And that comment is my suggestion for upcoming contests.


It should be admins to pick winners, only sad that they only wanted sweet version stories.

I lost more than 5k in ETN, so…

Happy xmas everyone! :slight_smile:


You lose only if you sell low.
I am sorry for your loss but every one lost something even with BTC.


If you look at this winning entry:

it Isn’t exactly a sweet version as it talks of borrowing money and the market being down, personally if i were picking the winners i would not have chosen it and i would have not chosen yours either.


You lost 5k if you sold. Soon you’ll have 250k if you didn’t. All about perspective and patience.


I personally went through all winners and I feel it was a balance between the truthfulness and creativity in the story.
Which is totally according to the rules.
I know I won but I would have said the same thing if I didnt win.
People are complaining for no valid reason
I feel like a 5year old now! :neutral_face:


Is that you in your profile pic and your daughter in your cover photo?


Etn did a #242 giveaway with that rule.
I am sure things based on that will come aswel


Hum, these are my emotions and feelings.


Here is the rule for everyone.

Take this opportunity to get your work read across our community and show off your talents. The final entries will be judged on one page. Feel free to draw, photo-collage or photo-manipulate your entries, the more creative the better


For all who lost the competition, why complaining? why trying to find a way to exit?, pls stop exciting your ego and accept the result as it is,@ least you tried as I did, behave as smart people and just enjoy the ride, the Electroneum team by the behalf of Imogen are not suppose to accept your disagreement, it was a very fun game to play, and take it as it is, Again thx to the ETN team, you are doing a great job, you are changing something in people’s life, That s what I believe so far
Merry Christmas and happy new year to the team and all ETN Hodler
A Guyon V


don’t sell it to me…let’s be more realistic as we don’t have 5 years.


So when are the winners going to be announced?


Really? They announced the winners? Well congratulations to the winners,
And we are all winners.
If you’re among them, kindly remember your servant ,that’s just by the way


Congratulations to all winners. İts better to not enter this type of compition cüz everyone see his story wonderfull .even wrote that they people striving and be in poorly view !!! What the hack !!! Sorry but this my thoughts
Anyway its funny to see the community’s work and activities.


Did any of the winners got in touch or recieved the winnings?