‘Competition entry’


I posted before comp was over. Monday was the last day. Even checked UK time zone to make sure I made it on time.


excuse me I saw with my time-zone
ahhahahaha :+1:


Hello when the results come out?
we are waiting ! :blush:


I Think they are hard pressed picking a winner!
There are so many good entries here.
Be patient…they are busy making this project great!


A massive shout out to our fantastic creative community, you’re artistic endeavours continue to blow us away. we love to see what you guys can do and we will continue run lots of competitions in 2019 to encourage all of your creative sides.

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our graphic novel competition…

we’ve loved everyone of your awesome visual stories, the collection had depth, individuality, and whole lot of creative inspiration.

And as you can imagine, it was a very difficult task to choose the winner, but after hours of deliberation we have come up with our winners.

Congratulations to one and all of you, you rock.

Here is list of master creators (in no particular order)…











We will be in contact very shortly to organise sending you your prizes.

Please note, we will be delivering the ETN prize reward to the addresses associated with these usernames in the next few days. Thank you all once again for your participation, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed reviewing your entries


WoW!!! Congrats all!!! All the art entries where fantastic! I loved seeing all the styles!!! ETN 4 EVER!
Now let’s make our dreams a reality!!!:+1:


Congratulations everyone, no matter who won let us still support ETN as we are all one. :blush:


Congrats & thanks to everyone! ETN THE BEST!!:+1:


I made it! :grin: the competition got so tough that I gave up hope of winning.
Congrats everyone.
And the all the participants, Thank you!!! For making this thread awesome!


Don’t say that. Winner or not we all are early adopters and we have our own unique stories.
Its sad there can only be 10 winners but thats how it works.
Compete and enjoy. You had a nice entry.
Look at all the awesome creative entry, I can guarantee if there was a ranking I would have been the last on this top 10 winners.


I’m a looser :woozy_face::pleading_face:


The winners didn’t win because of luck, they won because they put more effort and creativity into their entries.


There is always great things saved for us so keep on believing on your self and on this project.


Don’t lose hope. Man, how would you win if you wont try… Later on you will also celebrate your own victory so keep doing!


Great work everyone ,
We are all winner because we are one ETN community and ETN family . Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all .
2019 will be a great year for us all .


Congrats to all winners, that was very interesting and creative, and thank you Imogen and Electroneum team, bless you all


Congratulations to the winners.


Wow I loved all of the entries and I’m very happy I won. To me we’re all winners because we found this awesome community and awesome coin!


Yeah we should have just written a fictional sob story comic.


Well, I liked your Secret Santa Story by both content and design :+1: