‘Competition entry’



Stay strong @Kurd.girl i’m sure ETN will have a massive impact on your life, it will take time though so just hang in there and wait for the good times to begin.




I deleted my story because the purpose of the contest isn’t true stories but praising etn in a fantasy way.


Click to see whole story :grin:


Here’s my humble electroneum story. Hope you like it everyone. Goodluck


Godbless us all participants! We may have different ETN STORY to tell, We are all winners because we found electroneum! :blush:


To all the wonderful artists who posted an entry in this topic…
I loved each and every entry.
All of them are an inspiration to some of us(like me)
That lack the wonderful talent you All possess!
Thanks for making this topic colourful and diverse for all the world to see and share in …
:heart::heart:The Electroneum Journey :heart::heart:
Good luck to all entrants!!


Love this community!!! Heres my entry, enjoy :smiley:


Page 1, so you get a bit of background info


I hope I’m not late for deadline


Mate…you kust exposed that you are violating the 1 phone 1 account mining per person rule…lol. Sorry.


I love electroneum i will wait for long time :heart:


My graphic novel


Hiya @ImogenD
Time is over.
We are looking forward to seeing the winners.:hugs::heart_eyes:


good luck everyone! Let’s hope this is a xmas present for mot of us :slight_smile:


Hello there
when the results come out?
I hope the results will appear in public!
It’s interesting to know which are the winners
I hope I’m one of them :smile:


They always announce in public. My best bet is tomorrow or the day after that.


why you reply after deadline :disappointed_relieved:
where you been :joy:


Thank you :+1::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: