‘Competition entry’


I talk about how easy to use , and it’s my first coin
And amazing instant payment and the community


This is my ETN graphic novel story. From how i started with ETN to how the site “Electroneum Bazaar” is created. “electroneum bazaar” site is born in the mid of the bear market with our community at heart. I hope to create a space where our electroneum economy can grow and the velocity of electroneum economic can be achieved. I hope the electroneum team and our community likes my graphic novel story and support each other.
(Electroneum to the moon !!! Together we can !!! )




I’m holding my love :heart:etn​:heart:


When I saw ETN I fall in love :heart:


When I do things, I do with all my heart.
Hope everyone likes it.
ups and downs will come, its how you have your journey and reach the goal


Here’s my novel :smiley: i’m trying my best :rofl: but i’m not good in drawing :sweat_smile:


color version :grin:


Hello Elon Musk. (learned a whole software just to make this) xD


If anyone would like to check out my main comic,
“Moonstruck” a werewolf survival guide.
It’s on webtoon and I only take ETN for tips. :grinning::+1:
My pen name is Grace Applebee.


These are all fantastic entries , this community is awesome !!!


@Chris_T well said. regardless who won the competition, we are united one big etn community . stay strong together.


I like to say your all extended members of my family here … Good eggs and bad eggs too hahahhahaha