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Competition entries MUST be uploaded in this section, any prizes will be made to the wallet associated with your forum username account.

The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread

where to submit? any link


My graphic novel. I hope you like it :blush:


Goonie Entry.


Oops, I actually misread that you need to make a graphic novel about your story with Electroneum. I didn’t :pensive:. So does my entry still count?


Well they just broadcasted it on twitter so it will probably be ok. I looked at it and thought the same as you.




Here is my novel of my story with Electroneum!!


Huh, this is my life history too, but even more hardships.
The only difference is the last image which I lost my hope for it to happen.
Last night we were close to break up, so my last photo will be sth like seperation , suicide, graveyard…


Richard and the ETN team/community, I hope you enjoy my graphic novel.

The main characters name is Man-Keung Iyaki. As Iyaki comes of age, he’s required to overcome numerous obstacles to provide his family with the life he desires. Later in the story, it becomes apparent to Iyaki that he is cut off from an entire global economy, and it’s causing serious problems for the continued development of his community. Fortunately, not long after this realisation, a British seer of the name, Richard Ells, sets sail to Iyaki’s rural village, on a global expedition to spread word of an innovative, world changing technology…Electroneum.


Its so easy that even a child can get some :wink:


There is hope! Do not give up!


Do you have an email? I want to share something with you.


Hi Imogen, I am ready to upload some work I ve made regarding the graphic novel competition.
There is just something I would like to be enlightened,

1/ can it be made on 4 separate pages or templates? or just one page
2/what is the link provided to upload my work please?

Sorry, English is not my native language so maybe I ve missed something.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



You don’t have to use the templates you can make your own if you like, the templates are just there to those who may want to use them- we are judging the comp on a page but if you choose to do more then that is more than fine- just upload in the comments here (you’ve got the right page) i hope this helps!


A day in the life of an ETN holder…


I want to know if u can tell your idea and how you want your graphics to be designed to a graphic designer to do for you since you don’t have the means to do it yourself?


Had a blast putting this little guy together! Keep up the great work, team.:grin:


Hi there this is my entry, I’m really happy with the youth of the community, yea I believe in electroneum because it makes my life easier whatever done till now really really fantastic team, CEO, users and all of this success good job keep going ETN soon we will be no 1 in the world have a nice day best regards .soonly i thinking to make conference at our university about electroneum but you know its my last year and I’m busy little bit so hopefully ill do.:heart_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::sunglasses::rocket::christmas_tree::gift::tada::tada::tada::tada: