Community Update From Richard Ells 25/02/2020

Hi Everyone!

Well, the last few months have certainly been busy here at Electroneum! I’m sure lots of you have been following our updates on the forum and on social media closely, but we’re delighted to bring you even more great news about what’s happening now and over the next few weeks.

1. We need YOUR help in the BINANCE Community Coin Vote!

2. You can now buy mobile minutes and data top up with ETN in over 140 countries

3. We’ve launched in another huge exchange!

4. AnyTask is now LIVE for all sellers and buyers after fantastic initial success

5. The M1 phone is a hit in Cambodia

1. We’ve been asked by many people in our community when we will list on Binance…

Now is the time that you can HELP us achieve a Binance listing by showing them the power of our community! If you can please reply to this Twitter thread with @ Electroneum #ETN you will be helping get us listed on the most popular exchange in the world!

It would be amazing if you could take a few moments of your time to Tweet a reply to vote for ETN to be listed.

2. Electroneum has expanded mobile top-up to over 140 countries

In yet another great step towards changing the lives of millions of people, Electroneum has expanded in-app mobile phone airtime and data top-up to over 140 countries reaching nearly 4 billion mobile phone users!

The rollout is following a successful trial

You may know that we’ve been trialling ETN to airtime top-up in countries such as South Africa, Turkey, Brazil, Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria. Well, following a fantastic initial test period, we’ve rolled it out around the world to a huge list of countries.

We now offer Electroneum users the opportunity to top up using their ETN from a list of 600 major MNOs and MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators). These include almost every large network operator you’ve ever heard of.

This is going to be even more exciting as users continue to earn ETN through AnyTask.comand we give them even more ways to spend. If you haven’t already…There’s now a really good reason to list a task on

Meanwhile to top up your airtime and data, simply log into your Electroneum app and select your country from the ‘Top Up’ menu. Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the community forum! Even more countries will be added later!

3. Electroneum is now live on the Biki exchange

We’ve added another fantastic exchange to our list, with Singapore-based Biki ! Biki.comopened for deposits at 18:00 GMT +8 on Wednesday, 19 February and trading opens today (25th February) at the same time.

Biki is the fastest growing exchange in the world and we’re one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. With allowing users across the world to earn ETN, relationships with key exchanges like Biki allows an easy way for people and companies to trade that ETN for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

The new listing will also be great for increasing awareness of Electroneum to new users in Asia, as well as supporting our joint ongoing commitment to encourage adoption of cryptocurrency around the world.

Biki ETN competition

To celebrate them adding ETN to their awesome exchange, the fabulous team at Biki will be running an exciting giveaway of 5,000,000 ETN in a trading contest. From today at 18:00 GMT +8, users with the highest ETN trading volume will share 5,000,000 ETN in proportion to their total transaction volume. Visit for more information.

4. AnyTask Platform Update

As you’ll remember from my last community update,, the freelancer platform powered by ETN, went live with invited sellers last month and since then, it has gone from strength to strength.

We now have over 100,000 users signed up to the platform. In addition over 1,000 users have successfully listed a task. Some have even seen multiple purchases of their tasks already!

With the success so far, we can now clearly demonstrate the real-world use case for ETN and how it can help a huge number of people. They don’t need to have a bank account to reach customers across the world and get paid in ETN for their amazing skills, from social posting, photo editing, logo design, tarot card reading, online teaching, animation and more.

If you have a digital skill, come and sell it on!

We’ve already seen a great response from our invited sellers, with more and more buyers getting involved in a fairer freelance platform. Now, ahead of schedule, we’ve opened the platform to sellers across to the entire world, so if you have a digital skill, sign up and start earning ETN now.

It’s simple, create a profile and list a task, telling us what you’re great at and how much you’d like to be paid. Once we’ve verified your listing, it will be available to buyers from anywhere to request your services and what’s great is there are no seller-fees ! Even better, we’ll pay you in ETN, so no longer will not having a bank account means you can’t be part of the global digital economy!

We are DISRUPTING an already DISRUPTIVE industry! We’ve seen great feedback for sellers offering skills for just one dollar! A fifth of the lowest price on Fiverr. As buyers find this new marketplace, we open earning opportunities all over the world to people who very often earn less than 100 dollars per month.

Our buyer ad campaigns have started

As promised when we started to recruit sellers, we had a beautiful campaign of social and digital advertising lined up, ready to launch, when we had enough tasks listed. These ads are now launched, with some great feedback from our community and fans. You can check out some of our great ads here, and as always, we’d love to hear from our community on any other great ideas for ads that they have. You never know, your idea could come to life in our next campaign.

These ads are helping us to drive hundreds of buyers to, which means more tasks sold and more ETN earned by our sellers! We will be ramping this to thousands and then tens of thousands!

Showcase your AnyTask skills on video and earn up to 150 US Dollars in ETN!

We want to let our seller’s skills speak for themselves to attract buyers, and what better way to do that than by getting our sellers to create their own videos demonstrating their task?

Not only does this make your profile stand out, as videos attract even more attention, but you could also earn up to 150 US Dollars in ETN . If you’re one of the first 1,000 videos uploaded, we’ll rate your video and reward you with up to 50 US Dollars in ETN. Each user can upload up to three videos to get to that awesome 150 ETN bonus! Check out ourcommunity forum post to see what we’re looking for.

5. Electroneum M1 smartphone flies off the shelves in Cambodia

The Electroneum M1 phone was created specifically for users in developing regions. It’s a great, affordable Android phone with features users need! And more importantly, straight out of the box, users can enjoy ETN Rewards, so it’s a phone that pays you back.

Now, thanks to our agreement with Cambodia’s fastest-growing MNO, Cellcard, we’ve been able to get the M1 phone into the hands of hundreds of new users across the country, who for many, especially in rural areas, are moving from feature phones to entry-level smartphones. In fact, the handset has been such a hit with users in Cambodia, the first crypto phone manufactured by a blockchain startup has flown off the shelves. The Cellcard and Electroneum collaboration agreement is the first-ever between an MNO and a cryptocurrency and we’re excited to work with such a fantastic company that cares passionately about its users, just like us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement and being part of Electroneum.

Have a great week everyone!

Richard Ells

Founder & CEO, Electroneum

Glad to see ya on here more Rich, thanks for the update! :+1:

Long as always, but there’s just that much more to enjoy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So excited to watch the AnyTask platform grow and give opportunity to so many people. Cheers!


I was so excited to read this e-mail update when I woke up. :relaxed:
It gives Me this feeling of tremendous opportunity when I see Electroneums accomplishments rolled up into one big bundle.
I am proud of This Team and Your persistence,


I can’t see anywhere what countries are coming out?

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Nice, they just keep popping up in there.

Cool to see Laos as well. Good people, and so often overlooked. :laos:

I’ll admit, I had to look up Comoros…
Welcome to the ETN family Comoros, and to the rest of the new countries coming online! :grin:


Never heard of burundi and comoros. Dang, where do they get these countries from? Haha

In Africa… I did not heard too but they exist

Thanks for posting @Stef:peace_symbol::heart::grin:


Hey everyone
Did biki shared the 1 million ETN for the deposit competition !! Until now there’s nothing added to my account i deposit in the first period of deposit but nothing happens until now ! Did anyone get the reward of deposit competition in BiKi Exchange ??

It states latest you will receive payout is something like the 10th or 12th of march. So I’m guessing that’s when payouts will be issued at the end of the competition

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Thanks bro but i read something in the competition rules that they mentioned that reward will be shared in the activity period between 19 and 24 February so bro where do you find that’s The reward will be added in the accounts in 12 March ?

That’s what I am talking about not sure where you read the 19th-24th.

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Ah okey bro that true i didn’t complete reading :rofl: thank u, and wanna know if the KYC vitrification must be applied for the deposit competition too ? Or only for users in trading competition ?

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Thats not 140 countries, they have added more now anyway im glad to see the UK


As stated in point 1 I can only assume it’s everyone as no clarification was made for trading or just deposit.


Great achievements…!
Powerful update!!


Okey thanks and can we withdraw the etn after deposit and even if the reward has not been added ?

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