Community Update From Richard Ells 11/05/2020

Hi Everyone!

Two things in today’s update:

  1. An important update about Electroneum.

  2. A personal invite to an online crypto summit, with a free ticket worth 20 euros.

Since our launch in November 2017, we have been working tirelessly to successfully complete the first phase of our plans… large network adoption. And in just 30 months, we’ve exceeded our expectations across the board.

Electroneum Phase One

Phase One has attracted a massive 3.8 million registered users, a huge 2.3 million app downloads, millions of blockchain transactions and we are just hours away from achieving 100,000 ETN to airtime mobile top ups in 140 countries . Thanks to our ETN Reward and referral model, we have reached numbers that I think no other cryptocurrency has achieved in such a short time. These figures have been verified by an independent third party analyst and confirmed in an Electroneum token report, which will be released shortly.

Electroneum has real, everyday people as users, and not just cryptocurrency enthusiasts. A huge number of ETN users are unbanked and ETN is adding real utility to real lives.

During Phase One, you’ve seen Electroneum develop an instant payment system, become the first cryptocurrency to be directly promoted by a major Mobile Network Operator, develop a freelance platform, launch a smartphone, implement KYC/AML, develop a blockchain with NGO validators, win a prestigious London Crypto award and much, much more.

We’ve been growing our network of users to be larger than virtually all cryptocurrency projects outside the top 5, whilst simultaneously developing – a platform that empowers the unbanked to sell digital tasks to a global audience of buyers.

AnyTask already has over 220,000+ registered users from 100+ countries able to buy or list tasks. There are now over 3,000 digital tasks listed for sale.

AnyTask allows anyone, anywhere, to earn some ETN. We have a userbase that rivals all but the top few cryptocurrencies. With AnyTask in place, we are going to end the reliance of users on ETN rewards and lead us in to the next, even more exciting phase of Electroneum. The creatively named “Phase Two”.

Phase Two promises to be even bigger and better.

We are launching some exciting and wide-reaching ways to use ETN, as well as two new platforms to help drive the adoption of ETN.

Phase Two also includes winning back the hearts and minds of the cryptocurrency community. Nearly all cryptocurrency projects are only judged by the number of people that are using them WITHIN the cryptocurrency community ! Some don’t even appear to be judged on that. Many projects with far larger market capitalisation than Electroneum have achieved virtually nothing, no particular product, hardly any users and no perceivable benefits. We have broken that mould and gained a HUGE userbase of real world people who benefit from using ETN. We have introduced literally millions of people to Electroneum, and introduced them to cryptocurrency. We have caught up with some of the biggest players in cryptocurrency and we believe we are a top 5 cryptocurrency by real world usage, but the cryptocurrency community have often forgotten us or overlooked us. That will all change in Phase Two, as we re-engage the cryptocurrency community and show them the amazing things we have done and the amazing things we have coming up.

ETN is genuinely making a difference in people’s lives and is genuinely being used in the way it was envisaged. Over 250,000 app to app transfers! Over 99,400 mobile phone top ups . ETN is being embraced by real people, in the real world, and we now need to ensure that everyone in the world of cryptocurrency also realises what success Electroneum has achieved.

These exciting new projects will help us achieve our goal to help end financial exclusion, by providing users with the tools to succeed and creating real-world ecosystems, where ETN is making a difference.

We’ll tell you more very soon and we’re pleased to confirm that we’ll be announcing our plans for Phase Two at the online ANON Summit on 19 May .

Anon Summit Free 20 euro Business tickets

We want you to join us at Anon Summit ONLINE! Thanks to Electroneum headlining the summit, you can get business ticket access for FREE ! Your free €20 ticket, courtesy of Electroneum, gives you full access to two days of keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, exhibition booths and the chance to network face-to-face/virtually with world renowned personalities from the crypto and blockchain space.

My Keynote speech & other great features

I’ll be delivering a keynote speech entitled “Does crypto adoption drive the market or does the market drive adoption?” at 11 am CEST. I’ll also be sharing some exclusive updates about Electroneum during that speech. And at 4:50 pm CEST on the same day, I’m excited to be sharing the virtual stage with Maximilian Marenbach of the Kraken crypto exchange and Jonas Lamis of StakerDAO.

The whole summit promises some interesting speeches and discussions, by many of the world’s cyrypto and blockchain experts and influencers. For the full list of speakers, click here.

Don’t miss out on hearing more from Electroneum, as well as meeting the people behind many of the most exciting crypto and blockchain projects of today, including NEO, MakerDAO, Ecosystem Hyperledger, Ledger, Cointelligence and Investment Punk Academy.

Register now to get your access courtesy of Electroneum and be on the front row.

We look forward to seeing you there and sharing our plans with you on the 19 and 20 May.


Richard Ells

Founder & CEO, Electroneum

Make sure to sign up to the event everyone! A great lineup and some very interesting topics…plus VIP access for free if you hurry!

So create a login, use then link above and grab yourself a ticket!

(Please note, if you miss the VIP community tickets, don’t worry, you can still sign up for one of their free access tickets to watch on the 19th/20th!)

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