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:crystal_ball: Without a doubt


Can someone explain me when i receive the Professor status or what i miss? a lot of people have this status and received less likes than me or have less reply etc…

From the 1st image looks like i have over 500 replies but here is prove that this isnt the reason:
Bcs here 2 have less and have this status… some badges is not possible to receive and i want all :smiley: :smiley:


I checked your profile and it shows that you are a level 3 “Professor” :face_with_monocle:

Have a nice weekend


PM’ed you with info.


Heck I didnt realise I was third. :)lol


I was 9th :disappointed_relieved:


hver did you find that stats?


Badge view ->others with badge


This is click by your picture in right corner - to USERS and than give there from begining or chose period and then click to option you choose most replies, topics, likes - given or received…


More Power! Electroneum Community!


Wow very intriguing yet exciting ranking system. Well here’s to getting to the top🍻


How can I refer a person, I mean what is my referral link?


referral link to register under your structure you need only use this link and put at the end your code, thats all very easy maybe team make some sharable button in the app to send sms or mail or sharing at multiple social media :wink: :


It’s good, but if someone else chooses a code like my code or maybe I chose a code like him/her; what happened?


My new Rank is “Educator” and that’s sweet:heart_eyes:. Hoping to get newer ranks.


Congratulations on being a great member of the community, keep it up! Have a great weekend.


I’m a student of your fine work my tentacled friend, keep up the good work, we are the soldier joining ETN to the world and the flux which which will smooth the process and pave the way.


Goodonyahmate I stand at your side comrade.


None of you will ever reach the heights I have, but hey that’s ok because I’m Supercryptodude. In truth I have no choice but to be labelled in here. One day I may reach your illustrious position. Nice to see you hanging around my friend.