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:crystal_ball: Without a doubt


Can someone explain me when i receive the Professor status or what i miss? a lot of people have this status and received less likes than me or have less reply etc…

From the 1st image looks like i have over 500 replies but here is prove that this isnt the reason:
Bcs here 2 have less and have this status… some badges is not possible to receive and i want all :smiley: :smiley:


I checked your profile and it shows that you are a level 3 “Professor” :face_with_monocle:

Have a nice weekend


PM’ed you with info.


Heck I didnt realise I was third. :)lol


I was 9th :disappointed_relieved:


hver did you find that stats?


Badge view ->others with badge


This is click by your picture in right corner - to USERS and than give there from begining or chose period and then click to option you choose most replies, topics, likes - given or received…


More Power! Electroneum Community!


Wow very intriguing yet exciting ranking system. Well here’s to getting to the top🍻


How can I refer a person, I mean what is my referral link?