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Congratulations on your promotion @Satsukeshi :sunglasses:


Comunity is growing. Now is here over 2000+ members. Nice to see. Maybe team can make some promo for joining us here. :wink:


Hey Man…Just hit it now…Woo Hoo !!!
Funny …Never saw myself as an Educator…Lol


Haha congratulations @purkiss80 :grinning: :+1:


Thanks man…:grin::grin:


Today i have reached my Educator also :smile:




Thank yu @purkiss80 :+1:


I absolutely love that I have milestones to reach and that keeps me motivated to stay strong in the community. I also really like the conversations I am having with others which in turn is building the community. This entire concept is awesome. A question I have is, will there be any kind of contests and or possible once a month coin giveaways for things like community driven games, or something along the lines of treasure hunt ask and answer questions, art submissions in general, etc etc it would be fun to have a chance to earn some coin regardless of the amount by helping in building the community? Just a thought… cheers and have a great day everyone!


Those things will be great @Thunder i think there will come a lot of things in the future :sunglasses:


Freedom under responsibility.
Letting the users govern the forum.
Once again absolutely genius Richard!


Perfect great Idea I think it will encourage others to participate.


Fanatastic system for a great bunch of Individuals in an awesome forum setup in a wonderful likeminded community.
I wish Electroneum and the community every success.
Great to be a part of it. Thanks!


not sure what to do, ive been on this forum since the 1st of sept, but i keep getting messages telling me im a new user… not sure if im enthusiast still. i earned it back then… is there a way to check it, and pass it again if i lost it… lol im confused… any help would be great. :slight_smile:


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