Community Forum Going Live


Thanks Richard!!! Let this forum be as huge as ETN will be!!


Cool forum, nice to have a one stop shop for ETN NEWS & views


Grea ideea! Great job!


Sounds good as having this forums :slight_smile:


Great step having this wonderful community … I am so positive ETN will do much better in coming days


Brilliant, you are addressing one of the major concerns that I have had with ETN news for a while now. So much is left unread as it indexes so low that nobody can find it through the fluff. Guy’s that is what makes ETN the Difference Machine. Business people running a business. This community forum of it’s own design and control is so much better than thousands of pages on general discussion sites or those useless help and how to menus on the exchanges.


Yeah. I’m in :grin:
Go Electroneum Go ETN


Great to be here and happy to be part of the Electroneum journey!


Great to be here…!! Been with ETN from the ICO and am extremely excited for the future…Great community And Great team…!!


Great work guys looking forward to seeing what everyone have to say about the project.


WOW great idea this forum Richard Loving ETN community All the way salute from india to all comm.



Glad to be here! Go ETN!


this is going to be a much more Honest/Credible space to be,
great news that you guys have created this space where people cant spread BS and then go and hide behind Non traceable avatars :slight_smile: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


waiting for those big mobile deals…


Very excited to be joining the community been mobile mining since app released



Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this community. We have a bright future ahead and we all thank you and your team for their dedication and vision.



Great forum guys, really enjoying reading through the posts. I’ve learned so much in just the 2 days I’ve been here so far.


Its nice maybe in short period we beat the Reddit users there is about 20K (20 000) membres, good point is to collect the badges and maybe in future some coins for spending time here answearing the posts :wink: Good luck to all and fast grow to all of us.


It’s only a matter of time before the world goes fully digital with all of its paper currencies. If crypto, and Electroneum specifically, can last that long, it’s going to be great!

My concern is the size of the blockchain, speed, and use. How much could even a multi-layered system handle?


Reddit setup confusing , telegram boring… this one’s user friendly does what it’s supposed to do, and is very smooth.

Love it