Community Forum Going Live


Hi Richard and team,
I’ve been with you guys from the beginning and will continue to do so. Thanks for all you do.


Of course, the further development of Electroneum has top priority. But especially in the crypto world it is important to show that you are still there and working hard. The forum offers an optimal platform for this. I am looking forward to being informed about the current state of development and to interact with the community.


Glad this is here! Love the project and love the community!


Wow, that’s wonderful and congratulations to you Mr. Richard and your team. It is my personal believe that Electroeum will hit great heights by close of year 2019. This platform will also offer us the opportunity to learn a lot about the electroneum.


Looking forward to when Crypto starts to take off again. This is an amazing project with a ton of possibilities! Go ETN!!


This wasn’t expected and yet again the ability to build a community for mass adoption exceeds initial expectation.
Nicely done!


Wonderful idea! So excited to start getting involved more in this awesome community!


This is excellent … I’m really glad to be part of this community . Go ETN


Finally !!! Keep going !!! :slight_smile:


keep working etn:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My first ever reply. Congratulations to ETN Team.


I have never been a massive forum user but I will make an effort to use this as a step into the forum world lol :):joy:


Very good, I like this


Welcome all,

Gentle Reminder, there are a few things you should do when you first join. Make sure to go into preferences and update your profile username.

I would also recommend you take a few minutes to run through the welcome bot tutorial as this will take you through the basics of how to use the forum (check inbox for a message from ETNBOT)…

…and finally, please take just a few moments to run your eye over the Community Guidelines.

ETN PRICE - It Needs To Go Up!

Great stuff. Just to let you know - I’ve just completed the ‘new user guide’ with the ETNbot, and theres a flaw with no.33. There is no way to flag the ‘nasty’ post by the ETNbot as no 3 dots OR flag icon show at the bottom of the post. I had to ‘skip’ that lesson to get my cert. not a good start. In case it matters - I’m a web designer, on a samsung 8, using the default browser in mobile view. i did also view the page as desktop view on my phone, alas the flag or 3 dots did not show.


I got the three dots and flagged it, but was then asked if I want to send a direct message to the person in question. I did, as it was the only option, and couldn’t proceed past that point. Also had to skip the flag section.


Lol that sounds like a bad experience. So far I had a great time on Reddit. I guess this forum is way nicer anyway :smiley:


@Batman go check this thread. We are talking about the issue and found some solutions


Loving this new forum guys, good job :+1:


Keep up the good work Richard i am happy to be on this forum it looks much better then telegram and is much more userfriendly.

I hope one day ETN will go beyond the moon :sunglasses::rocket:

I do think with this awesome community and together with the awesome ETN team anything is achievable! :trophy: