Community Forum Going Live


I am glad to be here, Electroneum have the opportunity to the mass adoption.


Hello everyone, good to be here, I’m pretty sure we’ll have fun!!!


Pretty nice forum! I’m a huge ETN lover! Thank you!


Congratz and good job…:sunglasses: @ETNCEO


happy to be here:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome. We needed this.


Well done, I’m delighted to be here


thanks etn team I happy


Thanks. Hope to hear more technical updates though.


Congratulation Mr Richard for the new forum i hope your coin become the most common in the world by 2020


Keep up the great work! So exciting to see everything coming together and be a part of it.


I’m very happy to see you’ve started an official forum as it’s a great way to communicate to the ETN community. This was indeed a great choice to have made, now people can share their ideas and thoughts without it all getting lost. Well done Richard and team yet again.


@ETNCEO You might want to include a link to this forum on the electroneum website and maybe even in the my.electroneum site. If we want lots of people to use this forum, it should be easy to find.

I forgot to bookmark this forum, so I had to search up the twitter post to find the link.

With Gratitude


Yea, a good idea indeed am happy to be part of this new innovation


Thanks Richard and the team, this forum looks great and is just the job - I’ve never liked Telegram. I’ve always been a great fan of Electroneum since day 1 and just gonna buy a few more thousand ETN’s to celebrate the launch of the forum.

Keep up the great work! :smiley:


Happy to be here!:grinning:


Great idea to set up this forum - it can only help to make ETN better and better!


Happy to be part of the project BRING ON NEXT 6 MONTHS



This is super exciting! I’ve been keeping up with the reddit group but i think that this will be much more active. Looking forward to what the community has to share:)


This is excellent, this will be much easier for people to see all the great information that circulates around and all in one dedicated place for all the community to be involved in! “Awesome Stuff”!