Community Flea Market


Hello mates!

Yesterday i was wondering if we could create some kind of community flea market. Only trusted community members would be allowed to sell only little things for limited ammount of ETNs - limit could be somewhere around 3000 ETN for items + max 1000 ETN for shipping costs. So in total 4000 ETN.


  • Only trusted members of community (at least educator level) could list an item
  • a member has to include picture, description, price, item location and wallet address! (Item location Is necessary for estimation concerning the shipping costs)
  • a buyer (min. educator level) will reply to the listing like ‘I buy’ (this Will help us to recognize who was the first)
  • buyer then sends a PM to the seller and make the transaction (including home address)
  • buyer posts a payment confirmation under the listing
  • seller posts it as well
  • seller will then have let’s say 3 days to ship the item
  • seller will post a confirmation once Its shipped (for ex. picture of a post Office bill etc… including TRACKING NO.!!!)

This Is just an idea, but i think IT could be great - what do you think? Tell me your ideas

ETN Komunita CZ/SK

Example of a listing:

The Little Mermaid - book

Awesome book
2000 ETN; shipping costs: depending on buyers location, max 1000 ETN
Item location:
Seller’s wallet address: etn037822002027blablaablaaa


‘I buy!’ …


Buyer has to send a PM to the seller, seller replies/gives the ‘green light’ - buyer never sends money before the green light


Thank you for a quick reply, i have sent you a PM incl. my home address. Here Is the payment confirmation!


Thank you, payment receivedIMG_20181110_154634


Hey, item shipped, heres the confirmation incl. Tracking No. 1234567ABCD5678


Hey mate, thanks a lot, just received the book!!! :slight_smile:


Ok, enjoy your book! :slight_smile:


good job i think its good


Hey mate, thanks for your feedback. I’m sure my idea has some bugs but i’m sure we could catch’em all :slight_smile: maybe we would also need some market admin - some trusted person who will be checking that everythings going fine and by the rules


Yep, the platform is here so you might as well use it.
I think any positive exchange of ETN is a good idea.
It fills blocks.
It increases liquidity, however small the transactions they will all add up in the future.
This is one idea thats once implemented others will see it works and build their own etc.


Yeah… That’s what we need - liquidity and also interaction. The more possibilities to use the ETN the better


Btw. I think we could use this community forum itself as the trading platform. Not a special website or something like that.


Yes this platform…
Theres another guy has
It accepts ETNas payment.
Hes got a topic on here somewhere.
Its more like gumtree or ebay type
Interaction I think is everything.
To tell someone about a payment system or a "shop " you usually just get an “oh yeah” half hearted sort of answer.
To be able to show it in action is quite another.
If its done correctly you get the wow factor.
If its simple and easy to share then theres the possibility theyll pass that on to someone else and youll get the double wow factor.
In an age where we have the ability to market so directly and virally we sometimes fall back into the patterns of traditional marketing.
Anything beyond the traditional square is good thinking and the more users we eventually have the more exposure it gets and the more new ideas will rise from it.


Thanks for your great words. Now i think I could try to make it go live.


This is the cryptoverse
Its already proven that the seemingly impossible can be achieved.
You win ,you learn but you never lose
Good luck!