Community Engagement by ETN team

Recently I made a suggestion to the ETN team to be more engaging with the community members. Only the community can drive the growth of Electroneum.

If their questions and demands are ignored by the team, it will only cause a downward trend for the project.

Richard or one of the ETN team member need to engage the community at least once a month on facebook live to answer burning questions and take recommendations on how to fast track the development of the project.

You can’t keep on ignoring people’s questions thinking they will figure things out for themselves.

Any team member reading this post needs to take this suggestion into consideration, let Richard Ells see this too.

Hi @CrypFx, The team is extremely busy atm. Appreciate your post and patience .

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Do you have hard proof that is a fact?

RE told that on last interview


I dont need to show hard proof, its what I have been told. so take it any way you wish but that is the truth, the whole truth … shmg :grinning:


I’m sorry but I do not belief just because someone have said something.


OK… what hard proof do you expect?

I understand that completely… But take it from me it is the truth … :sunglasses:


The team is busy, they are trying hard to do many things. They have been hiring in different fronts also.

But I do agree, i think maybe we should skip monthly or weekly and simply do some type for quarter report. One week or one month is usually to little time to actually have any decent talking points.

There is a lot of possibilities, like for example, they could from time to time invite people to the office so they could give feedback, also report of accomplished tasks they just have done ( of course these that they can reveal ) that would be helpful for otherwise what people think that something is going wrong especially when the silence is prolonged.

The u.k is hit hard by covid. Probably not a good idea to have random people go to their office.


Today is day when the update should pop up… wait and see… I belive we will see it today… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: ps. I don’t expect them to let random people hanging around in the office… come on… that is they business… we are just guys whu invest money… and that is our risk

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They do all you have to do is ask, but the office is closed and has been for months.


True. They all working from homes


Maybe at the moment is not a good idea about the people going into the office but after covid is gone why not :smile: in fact, they did that a couple of times before, anyway the concerns can arouse especially if you see this kind of statistics
—jut put into google – –

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I don’t really understand that Alexa things… anyone can explain? What that statistics telling us?

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It shows you the global internet traffic and engagement over the past 90 days, which at the moment Anytask is back in the position from 90day ago,which does not look good after all this US advertisment?

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…so how this result can convince me that they are working hard Plank?

Okay that is good. But take time out once a month to do a facebook live to address some issues. A 30 minutes facebook live will do the trick.

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It shows and compares stats, and it looks to be completely the opposite from what the team is leading us to believe. But the team has more accurate info compared to alexa,google trends etc.
Hence why id like to see anytask numbers on that weekly updates clips.

Anyways time Will tell, we cant demand anything. All we can do is believe or leave. This is our options

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