Common questions regarding Yoti and KYC with answers


Your account is only required to do level 1.


I don’t know why, but the people who are barely level 1 in terms of the amount of ETN they have, are the most aggressive towards the KYC and ETN.


Yeah for now 95% need only get KYC lvl 1 and after some big partnership and marketing price can go to 10 cents or much more and than 30% will need kyc lvl 2 and your support and KYC have troubles right now where we dont have so big demand.
And after pump people get stuck on the verification - and they coudnt move with coins - with their coins…
So we need to have EASY and FAST KYC process… and dont say that you dont need it right now…

You bombard us (or some people say spam Twitter or facebook ) with KYC post but if someone want to make higher lvl its up to him if he do it RIGHT now. You need to be PREPARED if you post so often someone can have this process make only 1* time not after some time again solving higher KYC lvls - some people are preparing for grow. And people with offline wallets need to do it too if then can make withdrawal :slight_smile:


can you please tell me if this is correct?


That’s correct. It’s euros; not dollars


ok thanks for your answer…


This would work for housewife’s also! Thanks


i heard kyc can help with badges. :slight_smile: hmmm :slight_smile:


maybe people can get get them…