Common questions regarding Yoti and KYC with answers


Heey @Ian do you got any other source of income? Any proof of some sort of income you have? :thinking:


Heey @keroppi it’s not possible to skip level 2 and do level 3 however if you have a bank statement with your address on it then you can send it at level 2 and level 3 :+1:


no i am between jobs… sorry if i write something wrong

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I think any proof of income somewhere Will do @Ian :wink:


so if i am unemployed i cant have tier 3?


i have level 2… only lever 3 left but how can i do that if i am unemployed?


Do you get some income from your goverment? Or any form of income @Ian ? And do you have the amount of ETN in your wallet for level 3 Else it’s not needed you only need to do level 3 if you got above 10.000$ Worth of ETN on your wallet Else you can keep level 2 what is having an amount of 150$ - 10.000$ on your wallet you can also always complete your KYC on a later date :wink:


@PHXInvestors Hey, thanks for the reply.
Nope, I do not have a bank statement with an adress written on it.
I did submit my gas bill though. It has my name and addrress on it, but it’s all in Japanese.
So, i was worried if they could actually validate with it.


It shouldn’t be a problem I think it will be approved as fast as possible @keroppi :blush: :+1: if you want to do lvl 3 you’ll need a bank statement or source of income document :wink:


Does anyone know that there are documents that stipulate KYC cannot be used in Chinese? (Traditional) Is it normal to confirm eight days? thanks !


Heey @ex116116 did you upload your documents 8 days ago and what kind of document did you upload? for KYC lvl 2 or 3? Also will the ETN team be able to read it well?


@PHXInvestors Individual Income Tax。There is address, name, salary income, identity number, but Chinese version (Traditional),thank you!


So what if i’m 17 years old student from Finland? How do i fill job titles, employers and those things?


I am unable to do level 2 kyc (from India). I had contacted yoti and replied(please see screenshot)

Here the problem is Yoti is available in play store in India but it only accepts Passport as ID document and I don’t have Passport (most people don’t have Passport). Also it doesn’t accept manual address.
As Yoti is not accepting address from India you can partner with Indian Exchange “Bitbns”. This exchange is doing kyc. This could atleast solve the problem for Indian. If you rely only on Yoti, then right now it is not available in many countries.


Welcome into club, friend…


Hey, I’ve just got my Level 2 completed with my Japanese Gas bill.
Will submit for Level 3 now.
Will share if it’s done.


Nice work @keroppi congratulations :blush:

And @Pome you can just fill in your job title as student :wink:

If anyone else got problems regarding to KYC look at this topic:


Thank you @PHXInvestors ! I was thinking the same thing but i’m just scared what they will do because i’m underage (17 yo). Been trying to ask them but no answer. I guess they are just busy :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem @Pome i don’t think you will have to worry about that as far as i know there are more students around :wink:


thanks for your answer but i dont have any form of income on my bank account. i live in Croatia and here people receive money in cash on hands… some of them get on bank account but not all… so if i understand this ok, i cant get lever 3 kyc if i have bank statement but without any form of income on that account? now at this price i dont have more than 10k dollars but if etn goes up i will have more than 10k dollars easy…if i have level 2 i can withdraw up to 10 000 dollars in 3 months but not more… is that correct? lever 3 is more than 10000dollars in 3 months? thanks again on your answer