Common questions regarding Yoti and KYC with answers


Read this. It is posted by you. Then how you don’t know that? :smiley:


As a matter of fact, I am confused now by most of asked questions!
If you know help me to know that my friend, please🙏🏼


You can try and see what happens. And it would be better to write the support. They will give you the best answer, as they know how this works.


Don’t know my friend?


With Level 1 KYC you can only withdraw up to 150$ from your account at the 10th unless you got higher level KYC @M_Y :wink:


I thought it will be happen after 12th Nov!
So, what is difference between 10th Oct and 12th Nov?


On the 10th October everyone needs to have KYC level 1 even if you got very little ETN and people that have a certain amount of ETN in their wallet above 150 Dollars have till the 12th to complete KYC level 2 or level 3 if needed for the amount you got in your wallet but if you don’t need your wallet you can always do KYC 1,2,3 at a later date of course but at the 10th most likely when you log in you first have to complete KYC level 1 before you can access your funds if you didn’t complete it yet if people have trouble completing it they can send a support ticket and the ETN team will help them out further :wink:


So, I need to do KYC level 2 & 3 in 2 days remaining if I wanna send more than 10,000 Euro equivalents to ETN!


The question is if you have that amount in ETN…I don’t know why you freak out so much. :slight_smile:
If you waited until now, you won’t need to do transactions between the 10th of October and 12th of November. Why would you?


General you are right my friend but I am living in Iran and my freak out is because of ETN team may warn us to change the rules about some territories in future!!
Got it my mate!?


I’m ready to pass the KYC my mate and won’t withdraw till ETN get at least 1$


ETN has nothing to do with the internal policies of each and every country.
They will offer the product to the entire world, and it remains on Iran’s discretion to decide the restrictions they want to impose, if any.


I agree with @eFiJy Electroneum Will be pushed out everywhere around the world Unless a country bans crypto themselfs :wink:


Thanks both of you my friends @eFiJy @PHXInvestors
Not to only crypto is not banned in Iran, but also our government accept mining cryptos as an industrial!
I’m just scared of that US sanctions to my country may affect on this issue!


Actualy, the US sanctions made the switch to BTC easier, as it is for Turkey as well.
Because of the economy issues, almost all of South America is into cryptos. And this is just the beginning.


I know it well!
I mean, maybe ETN team have some problem with this issue and change the rules for these territories
I have received a reply of my ticket that it said:
We want to warn people in that region that their account status may change!

This is my worry my friend, you see!


I doubt that it might change but i don’t think you Will have to worry for a long time for that @M_Y :thinking:


I hooe so
And many thanks again for your replies


how can i do tier 3 for kyc if i am unemployed? sorry if i made my question on the wrong place…


Just wondering, is it possible to skip Level 2 and jump right to Level 3?
I wonder if there are any Japanese Level 3 KYC users…
Not sure if my still pending Japanese gas bill for KYC Level 2 is appropriate.