Common questions regarding Yoti and KYC with answers


It can take up to 7 days


i have a question so if anybody knows i will be thankful… i need to do tear 2 but i am currently unemployed so what should i write in job title and employer?? i have document to prove my address but dont know how to do this…


You just need to put unemployed and N/A

I’m a student and can’t do level 3 KYC

thank you for your answer.


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Have you found any solution for my questions?


Ok. I tried advancing to level 2 with yoti, and it said it doesn’t support IDs from my country (Bosnia). What can I do? Upload documents to the ETN team?


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I’m confused as to what level KYC I have to get to. I am currently KYC level 1, but do I have to be KYC level 3? Also, my wife doesn’t want to do the KYC part but has been mining for a while now, what will happen with her account and ETN if she doesn’t do the KYC?


In order to be able to use your account in the future, you have to be at least KYC level 1 verified.
If your wife isn’t level 1 verified yet, there is no problem, as the ETN will remain in her wallet, even if the deadline period for registration will have passed. She will be able to access it once again after she does the level 1 verification.
But if you remain at level 1, you will be able to send just 150 euros over a 3 months period.
The level 3 is limitless.

It is a bit different as compared to the privacy coin it was at the beginning, but I love the fact that the team has adapted instantly to the market requirements. This will help them a lot, as the other coins are still day dreaming about full decentralization.


Thank you for the information and I agree with you on what ETN is doing! I can’t wait til they get the ball really rolling. I do have another question, I do not recall if there was an age requirement for getting a wallet for ETN, I signed my son up for it with his phone number, but he doesn’t have an ID to do the KYC. Is there a way for him to do it without an ID?


I believe you can put an N/A on that section. Someone in the staff mentioned this a few days ago, but I can’t find the post.


By passing level 1 from 10th Oct, we can send over 10000 Euro equivalents to ETN but till 12th Nov, right?
Or after 10th Oct we cannot send 10000 Euro without level 2,3?



I know it well my mate, I’ve just asked regarding timeline!
I wanna know befor 12 Nov, can we withdraw more than 10000 Euro only by level 1 of KYC,


I don’t think anyone is interested in that anyway. :smiley:
Why to withdraw more than 600.000 ETN at this price?


Some of my friends have problem with sending ID to YOTI - they didnt trust 3rd service… How to solve this problem?
They have bad reviews and some are afraid of stolen identity or dont want to show face at camera…


If ETN has made a partnership with them, I believe they should be ok.


Do you know what will be happen after 10th Oct?
Can we transfer ETN from wallets without any limitation?
I mean, limitation of withdraw will be happen after 10th Oct ot 12th Nov?


If you are level 3 verified you can do whatever you want.


I know it my mate!
I wanna know after 10th Oct with level 1 KYC can withdraw without limitation till 12th Nov or not?