Common questions regarding Yoti and KYC with answers


I have done the scanning severally but the Yoti app is keep notifying me that electroneum needs the missing address.

Also, after the scanning I didn’t see my level two being marked completed by electroneum which signifies that the address is still the main issue.

There is no place to fill in my address manually on electroneum / my profile

Finally, I cannot fill the address manually on Yoti because Nigeria is not qualified for that.

Kindly help me out.


Go to settings, my profile and scan the QR code (or button if you are on a mobile device) with the Yoti app. Yoti will ask you to add basic information, which is uploaded to our system, then you need to upload an ID to our system so our team can verify.


We put tax code because a lot of countries have different names for the same thing.


I have tried several times to scan my id card but yoti refuses it.
How can I upload the document manually to the electroneum site?


But, how can someone scan QR code with the Yoti app, if Yoti app isn’t available in his country? :grinning:


What if you resently moved and your current living address is different from driving license because it hasn’t been changed yet but have current utilitiy bills that still confirms whom you are with same name? I’ve already did yoti process because it has to be done in a timely manner.


Dear Rachel
As you ask me yesterday to send a ticket in support.electroneum, I did it
Would you please answer ?


I am sure that they Will help you as soon as possible @M_Y a lot of people currently got diffrent problems they Will help you as fast as they can :sunglasses:


I’m sure too my mate!:v:t3:


Payslip (proof of earnings)


We are working with Yoti to make the app available in all countries.


Even Iran!?
Please consider this name among their list dear Rachel!


The app is not available in the Iranian play store?


There is in both IOS and Android devices but in list of countries which YOTI accept their identical documents, there isn’t Iran’s name!


You need to do a basic Yoti if you’re from Iran. I am only saying that we are making sure the app is available in all countries.


Ok I will do it
But by this basic confirmation I pass only level 1 of KYC?


No, you need to upload documents to us to do level 2 and 3.


You mean after verifying basic information in the wallet, I need to send my documents by email to you?


Yes that’s what I mean


Great news Rachel
What documents need to send for level 2&3