Common questions regarding Yoti and KYC with answers


What do I do if Yoti isn’t available in my country?

You need to go onto, go to settings, my profile and scan the QR code (or button if you are on a mobile device) with the Yoti app. Yoti will ask you to add basic information, which is uploaded to our system, then you need to upload an ID to our system so our team can verify.

The app doesn’t have an ID option because my ID doesn’t have an address.

This issue has been resolved. If you are still having an issue, please raise a support ticket at

I don’t have a tax number.

Your tax number is your Social Security number or National Insurance Number. This will be the number you use for tax, government benefits, etc.

My ID doesn’t have a gender on it.

This issue has been resolved. If you are still having an issue, please raise a support ticket at

If you have any other questions, please type them below and I will answer them.

How to complete KYC Level 1 Identity Verification
Get Yoti KYC lvl2 if ID not accepted?

Regarding both option that you introduced instead of tax number, (SSN and national insurance number) we don’t have both in Iran!
How we can address this issue?


There is a number that the government gives out that is the number you use for government benefits, taxes, etc.


That would be our NID card. There is nothing else.
Most people dont have passport. And NiD is eveything we need.


Dear Rachel, believe me, there is not!
I have a passport number, national ID number, driving license number and so on but none of them don’t have any link to tax!


Same here. There is a tax threshold here , which I pay only if my income was that high (which isnt)
So there is no tax for me or people like me.

Half of the youth don’t find jobs here to begin with.


Please raise a support ticket telling me what country you’re from.


Please raise a support ticket telling me what country you’re from.


The tax number can be identified as an unique number given to every citizen of every country. You have it since the time you turn 14, at least in my country, when you get an ID card. In the US it is called a social security number.
Like inmates…really! :)))


Not here. Its called a “Developing country”
Do have nid to to be identified but I dont know how much is it like tax number.


So how are you guys identified in the country’s premises?
You practically don’t exist?
Do you have a birth certificate?




Ah ok, I didn’t see it. And what other info is provided on these cards?


Name, parents name ,date of birth, a unique id number, place of birth and blood group.
Its a machine readable card so I dont know what info is shown once its swiped.
We need it for everything, opening a bank account, withdrawing checks and everything else


Ok, so that unique id number should be what you’re looking for.


I did fill the tier 2 with my Nid. (Currently pending)
But there is so much confusion with so less information.
Lets see how it goes. If tier 2 takes my NID (if they approve that is)
What else is waiting in tier 3!


Um, I put my tax number (the number on the tax return) and that is definitely NOT my NI number… Needs clarity. It got accepted anyway though.


I agree there is such a little explanation on what you need thanks for the help @Rachel :+1:


Where can I upload my address manually on


If you go to your profile it should say scan yoti if you did the basic part of yoti and scan it then it Will automaticly approve it on the website even when you filled in your adress manualy on the yoti app without verifying it then you can upload your documents :wink: