Coming Soon: Win up to $500 in ETN with 'Battle of the GIFs'

Back in September, we asked you to upload your Electroneum and AnyTask GIFs to Tenor. Well … we loved them so much that in January we will be launching ‘Battle of the GIFs’ - a head-to-head competition battling out the very best GIFs, as voted by YOU! And … we’re offering a MASSIVE prize fund of $500!

Don’t worry, any GIFs already uploaded to Tenor will be included in the selection. Oh … and bonus points will be given to anyone that has their GIF made on AnyTask :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On 4 January, we will select our 16 favorite GIFs from Tenor. We will then battle two GIFs each week, with you, the community, voting for your winner of each round on Twitter. So … be sure to get uploading to Tenor before 4 January for the chance to take part! And make sure you follow us on Twitter ready for the launch!


Be sure to add your ETN wallet address to the description of your Tenor Profile. That way, if your GIF is selected as one of the winners, we know who the GIF belongs to. You must ensure any GIFs you upload are your own - any duplicates or copyright infringement will be automatically disqualified.



Fantastic @Jonathan !!!

I cant wait to see what the community comes up with…

RanjanETN is the user @tenor and created GIF. Please do the needful from ETN and myself good luck.

ETN address: etnk1qGTDLnbpSAboYaCBDMpywX5uysddLnTjmKdTGhLXxbSnXZoihfem4SiHxW38EPx63cFragzFV6atG3LFzN4925Vyf717i

I don’t want to sign up for another account,


men electrenium ala bilmirem ve proqrami bos bosuna yuklemus

Yes, nice because of these kinds of competitions, new ideas can also arise. (Or additions to existing projects)
Maybe I have an idea.
Let your inspiration go.
Maybe you come up with my idea yourself.
Would be nice.

It’s not that difficult I guess.

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