Color Shifter game for Android & IOS that rewards ETN!

A brain training game available on Android and IOS that you are able to earn ETN while playing.

Mentions to @Aironeous for bringing it to our space.

Feel free to post your high scores.

A recent new update introduced a fith color to the pallet making it more difficult!


I started playing this a few days ago. It’s a simple but fun game and it’s pretty easy to earn some ETN playing it.
After collecting some ETN i went to the redeem page to bank some of my ETN.
I had the option of redeeming either 3 or 5 ETN, so i submitted a request to redeem 5, the form for redeeming is pretty basic and just requires your Google log in Email address and you ETN wallet address.
I was told the ETN would appear in my wallet within 24 hours, and i could only redeem once a day
After a couple of days waiting for it i emailed the developer to explain hadn’t received my payment and he replied that due to high demand they were a little behind with payments. Shortly after receiving this Email I received payment to my wallet
He also explained that once it had 10K users they would be able to increase the maximum payout to 10 ETN per day.
Since the game is currently ad free i’m guessing that once it hits a certain amount of downloads the game will become ad worthy and in turn would increase revenue for the developer to make larger daily payouts.

If you want another easy way of earning some free ETN this game is good option and it doesn’t require much gameplay to earn 5 ETN.
The payments may be a little slow but i believe the developer is trying to address this and getting some more downloads and support should help.

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Yeah it is an enjoyable game.

I really need to do what you did and contact the developer as I haven’t had my ETN payouts delivered yet. Also, I no longer seem to have my account as my high score is gone. I thought it may be using the wrong email to sync but doesn’t appear to be the case.

Cheers for the reply, it’s revitalised me to want to sort it out!

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The developer was quick to reply. I Emailed him to let him know that my payment had been received. I also suggested that if he could get Electroneum to endorse the game on social media it might help with support and user numbers.
Hopefully it will get more support as i think it’s a pretty easy way to pick up some daily ETN and only required a little amount of practice to be good enough to earn 5 ETN daily quite easily.

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Good to know. I just emailed them now. Yeah agreed, good effort NikUK

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Oh…my top score is 185! It definitely gets quite tricky once you have to combine colours.


Only ever pulled of one combined colour which was pink. Red and white yeah? Started freaking out and spamming I think, probably got lucky lol

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My best score is 99 coins and i collected 0,325 reward coins for 30 min of playing… so IDK what is the exchange rate between some reward coin and ETN… I like better Hodl rocket if they go back for 1000 ingame coins to 1 real ETN you can earn 10-20 etn per day…
Have a look 0,5 etn than in just 4 minutes… (now they have 2000 coins per 1 real ETN i think…)


Thanks, I’ll check that out!

I sucked hard at hodl rocket


Thanks i am from vishan studios and yes we are working hard to improve


Hello yes they are helping us. We are growing but it wont be possible by your support


hello guys

we are here to help you know your problems and get things working which is better for electroneum


Yeah I’m not much better, struggling to get any good at it. It seems that redeeming coins is an option that isn’t available yet.

You are talking about color shifter or something else

Not color shifter, Hodl rocket.

Did you try color shifter

I try color shifter. 0.60 you give 0.005 than you give 0.05 and I make higscore 100 points playing about 30 minutes and earning 0.3 reward coins. The payout is only 3 or 5 coins or something like this and you take 1 coin as a fee. But some players want to withdraw more and pay only one fee this need to be repaired…

Sharing is Earning Share color shifter to 10 friends and earn 10 ETN
Refer your friends and let them play by signing-in. Send us the mail ids and ETN address of yours on below mail Voila! You won 10 ETN


Download :-(link: