Cold Wallet Hardware


Hi Everybody,

Etn paper wallet and exchange wallet external one hardware wallet produce.

I buying Hardware wallet.

In my hand 500.000 Etn available.Where storage I could not decide.

Paper wallet online wallet transfer too long time.Exchange hiding.

But I can not trust :sleepy:


Actually, at the moment, there isn’t still a hardware wallet that supports ETN.
If the paper wallet is too much of a burden for you, you should trust the online wallet, which is way better than storing your ETNs at an exchange.
Maybe in the future, other GUI wallets will accept ETN as well.
The wallet I trust the most is Exodus, and they accept new coins at every update, which takes place every 2 weeks or so.


I trust online wallet but KYC verification Turkey national id not enabled.
urgent transfer make exchange my not verification KYC not transfered.:sleepy::sleepy:


I currently have over 100 paper wallets each with at least 300,000 etn in each wallet. I print 3 copies of each paper wallet, then take the pdf file that is created with each wallet and put it on 3 different jump drives. Each paper wallet is vacuumed seal in plastic bag to prevent water damage as well. One copy goes in a 2 ton safe that I have in my home, the other 2 copies go to 2 separate bank safety deposites boxes that are located in 2 different cities. I do keep some coins online in the ETN wallet but that really is never much over about 500k to 1 million coins. The key is to have multiple copies and backups some onsite and some offsite. If your home were to burn to the ground then you might be screwed if the private keys are stored at home. I personally would never trust 1 form of copy to be safe. :slight_smile:


Over 100? Why bother? It’s not like you can’t hold too many coins in each wallet. :smiley:


Spread them out, don’t trust having tons of coins in one 1 wallet just in case a wallet gets hacked. :wink:


I understand, but 100? :))))


Just a personal choice I could have 1 wallet, 50 or 1000 of them. Once I get 300,000 coins I transfer from exchange direct to paper wallet and at these prices every couple days I get a new wallet. :slight_smile:


Lol man, you’re bonkers! :smiley:


lol @M-Kid thats insane do you even keep track of all of them haha