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A youtuber I follow mentioned and after he reviewed it I decided to take a look at it myself.

It is another instant crypto to crypto service that does not require an account to use. The thing that makes this site different is it is connected to a number of exchanges and will shop the trade you are trying to make for the best price between all the exchanges it uses. Other services that perform this same service usually have a single exchange they use and the fee you pay can be as high as 9-10%. From what I’ve seen on, it’s only a 1-2% difference which is not bad in my honest opinion.

So why do I bring this up? Well, ETN is not an option…but, we can make it one with our numbers flooding them with requests.

How do you make a request to get ETN added? Type in ETN in one of the fields on the site and you will see this:

Click that “Want to add a coin?” link and fill out the 3 field questionnaire and viola. If enough of us do this, I’m sure they will add it in a short amount of time seeing they use Kucoin and HitBTC (they also used Cryptopia…but that’s a wash now…).

It’s not a big deal either way, but every little bit helps!



No worries buddy I’ll post it up on the main topic

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I posted this a while ago.



I must have missed it…which is odd :frowning: Oh well, it’s not bad to re-iterate seeing we are still not on the exchange.



Thanks @Aironeous
I couldnt find that tab but just put in a request to support.
Thanks to both of you!

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That’s odd…because they are partnered with Kucoin and HitBTC, yet ETN is not there. That doesn’t make much sense…



That’s what I was trying to say a while ago.