Coinpaprika or coinmarketcap


i like the 7 day percentage change… ETN up 119 percent over the last 7 days.


Yup its Amazing :blush::rocket: and what about:


yep thats awesome too, i love the ICO option on paprika! how u can track the progress!!


You can also view these percentages (including 7 day change) on the ETN app. :grin:


For the past few days, I am trying to find a website I used a few months ago, but I can’t seem to be able to find it anymore. It is kind of a price prediction website, based on a few factors. They predict prices even 5 years into the future. I know, it isn’t that accurate, but I just want to keep track of changes in real life, as compared to their predictions.


Maybe this one?


Thanks a lot, that’s it! :smiley: