Coinmarketcap listing problems

Coinmarketcap not showing ETN in their stats : somebody should look into that. If a filter is applied on the 24h or 7d %, the coin isn’t shown in the list. Result : nobody can see the 13% raise in price if ETN is not searched directly. Also, if you search for ETN in the search bar, the marketcap position isn’t shown either.

cmc is owned by a non-etnfriendly entity. guess who


I don’t believe in these theories. The problem remains and Coinmarketcap is the most popular indicator for coins prices. The team should open a ticket with their site.

Binance owns CMC and they are frightened of ETN. Thats my opinion, nothing we can do about that other then to use other apps such as coingecko etc.
Binance Will jump hurdles to minimize ETN.


It has been addressed before and ETN team contacted CMC, but CMC is reluctant to fix the issue. ETN is listed as #230 (3rd page) on CMC which is not correct. To get more accurate ranking of ETN, go to .

cmc ownership by B is not a theory. B rejected etn twice or thrice. not a theory either


Coingecko isn’t showing ETN when a filter on the 24h and 1d % is applied either. I guess there is a flaw in the api given by the teams…

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I find ETN on coingecko 24h filter.
Currently rank 497 on 24 hour % gains

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