Coindesk crypto-economic explorer


**COINDESK Introduces a Valuable New Tool **


Very interesting new layout of analytics.
More Crypto listings will follow shortly.
Incidentally this is the site running The Best Christmas Gift of All…


Just an example of interactive overlays available!


This thing’s really cool,man.


Eth is going up like a rocket.I think Eth’s gonna be second behind BTC.


Yeah its been moving.
Been watching it for days.
About time too.
So set behind in development .


Etn really need to break the 1 cent barrier now.
Closest competitors for ETN in terms of market cap i think is komodo,MAID,GNT.Really not much separating them.


Like a polar graph!!


Well, its different alright.
When you start playing around even overlayin Tron for example its nowhere near the size of the ether ecosystem.
Its a pretty cool tool really.


I like it …


Really nice tool. Thank for sharing. :grin: