Coindeal listing Electroneum


After the 8th voting round ended. ETN turns out to be one of the winners in community voting.!
Its ranked in top 84 , Cryptopia is ranked 81 (just to get an idea)

congrats guys, one more exchange is in the list


Nice! Nothing but good news this past week! :smile:


I haven’t used Coindeal can you explain or review it, is it possible to go from cryptos to fiat? hver is it located? security and so on…


All I know its in top 84 and has a good enough volume
I never used it but did keep an eye on the votings.
Every exchange add up to provide liquidity.
And so will this.


Congrats! We are on a winning streak! :sunglasses:


Here we go Electroneum! :grin::grin::grin: Good deals left and right. Ooooohooo!


Great . Looking forward to this and it getting to the list of exchanges in the app and also we need to add Maplechange exchange in the app as it’s on blockfolio.


Electroneum on maplechange?


Yes it is on maplechange exchange with no volume because nobody knows about it because CMC won’t list them for some unknown reason they can’t figure out.


Congratulations everyone our community did a great job at voting again! we gotta keep the votes coming everywhere to show the world ETN and the Amazing Community behind it :sunglasses: