CoinBene Withdrawal Problem


Has anyone managed to withdraw their ETN yet? My funds are showing as “reserved” not "available"and it will not let me withdraw!

I have sent 3 emails to but they just ignore!!

Can anyone help?



I have withdrawn recently…you sure you don’t accidentally have a sell order live?


Thank you for the reply. No, I do not have any sell orders. Do you have any tutorials on how to withdraw and have any of your funds ever shown as “reserved”?


Actually BegaMutex I just checked the account again and i did indeed have an open/unfilled order, which I have just cancelled and the funds are now showing as available, so thank you for your help.


No problem - easy mistake to make. :+1:


Begamutex… what do you think of CoinBene? Seems to me that no one is using this exchange for ETN. The number of trades are miniscule!