Coinbase wallets

So i just tried transferring my BAT,EOS,DAI and XLM that i earnt for free from the Coinbase tutorials to my Coinbase Pro account and the wallets have the same address? does anyone know why my wallet balances aren’t showing up in my Coinbase Pro wallets?

Would be just guessing, but is it a very new Pro account - thus, might the Pro account need some time to sync or refresh?

No it’s not that new, i just tried signing in again and refreshed to see if it made any difference, no coins showing in any of my wallets…strange.

Thanks for the advice!

When transferring coins from coinbase to coinbase pro you just need to go to your coibase pro wallet, click on deposit, select the coin you want to deposit and click on coinbase account… your coins should be there in seconds.

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Hey thanks…you are right, it seems it was only the DAI that wasn’t movable from one account to the other. Newbie error. Thanks for you advice.