Coinbase status?

Can we have a updated on the status of joining coinbase.

Why or why not.

Is it a priority?

Has the application process been completed?

In my opinion this particular exchange and its clientele would dramatically increase the number around the world of people that hold electroneum in the crypyo wallets.

Hands down we need this!!!

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The status is the same as it has been for all US exchanges for a long time; pending the US legal memo of opinion. All US based exchanges now require one.

Until they have it, nothing can be done to get on a US exchange. The good news is Electroneum is expecting the memo any day now. They have been working on it for a couple years.


Cool thanks. Ill just continue to buy etn on the cheap while I can. When etn hits coinbase things will start rolling.

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Just in case someone is keeping track, I also agree this would be an amazing thing for ETN.

Also, hopefully for Blockchain . COM wallet…

Finally, I have always been a huge fan of Changelly, so having ETN in there is an AMAZING thing for me and I am sure will push ETN adoption further.

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