Coinbase rapid coin listing

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This is regarding now to coinbase rapid listing of asset on their platform… I thnk etn might some chance to list on their platfrom coz of kyc . Any thought on this?

Heres the interview

Based on what these guys are saying, it seems likely ETN could be joining the ranks pretty soon as they’re one of the few if not the only regulated crypto coin on the market right now.

Kind of funny because the one’s already listed aren’t regulated are they?


they aren’t regulated but they have the most user base at the time with btc around 28 million wallets and LTC Bout ten… (lol) cryptocurrency is still at it’s infancy stage and ETN is going to the moon!

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I do agree that ETN has a huge chance for coinbase then and as far as i know the coins on coinbase are related to what the SEC approved of coins who aren’t a security and like @AndyHTu said they got a huge userbase and people want them anyway so its good for coinbase either way :thinking:

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