Coinbase not good

I cannot use my coinbase wallet to pay my ETN to use the proceeds. How or where do I pay my ETN to be able to use it, once I have enough to make good.\

Hi @user704. Welcome to the Community Forum :slight_smile:

ETN isn’t available on Coinbase. Are you trying to buy or sell ETN?

To be able to use your ETN it should be in your ETN wallet, unless you are sending it from an exchange that lists ETN.


You can use register there. When that is done you add your bank account and remember the swift to the bank and you can easily transfer money.


Good to see you joined. Welcome.

Liquid does not allow US residents, any others that anyone knows.

Have you tried Huobi?

They do not accept ETN, or allow US residents

KuCoin? I’m pretty sure they accept US customers.

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KuCoin is my primary ETN bag stuffing vessel at this point here in the US. You cannot complete their KYC in the US, but can still trade below a large amount.

Especially since Cryptopia went to :poop: .

Coinbase or Uphold to go in and out of fiat.

Or skip selling it altogether and use it to purchase goods from:

Lastly, you could always HODL. ETN is severely undervalued at the moment. You don’t want to regret selling them in the future, plenty people do now with BTC. :thinking:

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