Coin market cap and in the green!


Do you realise that out of the 82 coins that are below us in CMC ONLY 16 are in the green …With the highest sitting at 5.32% Plus,Compared to ETN which is sitting at 21.56% plus…!!!
I don’t know about anybody else But that’s Damn good IMO…:star_struck::star_struck::sunglasses::sunglasses::+1::+1:


I’m enjoying the view! It’s been a rough road at times, but I have no issues. Accumulated so much more… :slight_smile:


We are moving ETN up today! 1 penny is in sight and we will not stop the fight to the top!


Looks like the train has no brakes.


Is it wrong that i keep refreshing coin market cap constantly? :roll_eyes:


Not at all, we just hit 1 cent, and at the 74 spot atm… I feel so bad, its like missing buying AMD stocks at 2 dollars, and seeing them over 30 now… I have no way to use my card to buy more.


we back to ICO price…expected end of this year $0.05


I am happy that i bought a bunch at 0,005 :blush:


Hahahahaha…no…I do the same thing…LOL


Glad I bought 90% of my ETN at around 0.005-0.008, love the sight of the graphs!


This is beautiful!


I agree @Hodloneum we gaining a lot of ground currently in the crypto space :rocket:


be nice to see an upward trend with the volume constantly increasing.

very nice to see


It’s superb , imagine waking up to it being 300sats or more … I think I’d start crying hahahha


get back to where we were 9/10 months ago please :slight_smile:


Look at the market cap, that is bull


I keep refreshing it @B.F.A its amazing to see ETN finally moving up so much again :cowboy_hat_face:


I did…LOL it is crazy




Yup we came back again @B.F.A :sunglasses: