CMC Position - Calculate ETN Price & Market Cap based on its rank


What If ETN got to rank at postion 20 on Coin Market Cap? or position 3 or 4?
Here’s a free simple to use page to find out what the value of ETN would be at any rank in the top 100 using live data.



It is a bit undervalued. Only $1.16 if it will reach number 4?


It works out it’s value from the coin at that ranking.


If the others will stay as they are right now. :slight_smile:
If you could make a potential exponential increase for all…that would be better.


I guess its based on the current value of all of the market. I looked at if we hit 25th :blush: 0.0469.
We would double in value:)


Yes it’s all live data using the Coin Market Cap API, so scenarios can change on a daily basis.


Thanks. Anyway we could put value/price instead of position? I keep seeing $1.42 in my head and just wanted to see it get visualized on screen.


No worries, so you want to put a coin price in and see its position and market cap in cmc?


Yes I want to do that. 20 characters.


no worries, I’ve got a page that does that already, I’ll post it up


Try this one.


Thanks, I like it. Here is my idea of where it will go at some point in the near 2 year future


I’ll be really happy with $1.42


Yeah, but not in 2 years. :smiley:


I’m in no rush :wink:


We’ll see. I can’t wait for the end of the year.


Yes me too, I’m not too excited but 4c - 5cents would be a good move.


You know, I was thinking, maybe you could do this…

take us on one of our first steps to break away from our dependence on CMC and BTC.
Show the real (reported) trading volume and market cap of Electroneum by including all the exchanges missing from the app and CMC.

Get all of the exchange’s figures in one place. There is a bunch of missing ones from CMC like maplechange, bitalong, altex, coinspot, letsdocoinz, btcsquare

edit: also maybe you can include freeetncentral’s paypal to etn purchases