Cloud mining problems?

Do anyone check if app is offline… is still mining? I think no… and btw app is very often disconnecting now… after update… guys do you have the same problem?

You do not need to have the app open for cloud mining to work. To my understanding, the app is designed to close after a time of no use for security. All you need to do is login once a week to extend your cloud mining period.


Yup , and just wait for the extend time button to go green , press it . Job done . You have 7 days no need to open the app…


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Hopefully guys you are right… becouse I have internet all the time on but new app is closing by itselfe very often.

No need to hope. We know we are right:) If you are cloud mining, you have no problems as long as you check in every 7 days. You can check in daily if you like.


I get what you are saying. Yes, the app does not stay connected for very long but it doesnt matter. It is mining and you only need to check in once a week. You will be okay friend. :slight_smile:

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