Cloud mining... Not a good ideea

I want to avoid cloud mining and remain with my old ETN application. I do not want to make selfie and sent it to you because i do not trust you.
Can i do that or i have to save goodbye to ETN?
All this idea of selfies is against the anonymity offered by your product, cryptocurrency!!

Stop complaining and leave ETN if you dont like the idea…


This does not make any sense. If you have full access to your wallet, it means you have passed KYC and they know who you are anyway. If you do not understand that ETN is a full KYC/AML compliant company backed with the best wallet security on the planet, you haven’t been paying attention. The selfie is used for verification purposes only to prove you are not a bot. It is not shared with anyone outside of that verification process. Take this information however you wish and do what you must…


Do you have a social media account

Facebook , twitter Instagram snapchat ??

Do you trust them with your details ??

I wouldn’t they have either been hacked or lost data or even given it away …

Do you have a laptop , do you tape up your camera or microphone ??

Zuckerberg does paranoid yet…

Do you have a smart phone , google assistant , bixby or does it have a camera on the front , google track your every move…

Amazon alexa ?? Listens to everything you say , everything … google home does the same…

Etn anon not with kyc …

So your statement is invalid

If you dont want it . Its simple buy bitcoin to do your dodgy dealings.

Etn have worked with major security companies and in my opinion have better security than my bank .

Not being harsh , just dont see why a selfie would cause an issue…

Sorry if i do sound off , just proving a point…




Just to echo what you are saying, the selfie is not kept either. It is stored temporarily to verify you are a person and not a bot. It is then destroyed.

Maybe @BegaMutex or @Chris_ETN can confirm this?


This could also be an attempt at a fud post. The user account was literally created 42 minutes ago and this is the only post. I could be wrong, but I do believe most people would not go through the process of creating an account just to ask/state this…there is plenty of information that answers the ultimate question, even during the process of signing up for the miner itself.


Yeah , we can expect a lot more in the future…

We will just keep doing what we do…


I have tagged this post for moderation. The more I look at it, the more I am convinced it is a FUD account. If I had a ban hammer, this would be a rare instance that I would be using it :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately these are the steps needed to protect the network and the community from bots and abusers.

You are more than welcome to not use the miner to get free coins, its completely optional. It does not effect your ability to use the wallet and all its functionality.

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