Closed support and now also closed forum post?



my original question got closed Giving up on KYC terrible rude support experience

U personally asked me to create a forum post and now even the forum post is closed without solution?

could u please tell me how I continu my kyc with yoti after deleting yoti as suggested by support when the qr code is gone. I am not interested in supplying my info to electronoem directly but want to use yoti.

I know i am not required now but i only tranfered a small test sample so i will be needing Level 2 kyc.


For a small amount below 150 euros, you need only the level 1.


You only need to do level 1 at the moment. You sent in a screenshot of a page you have to fill out. I can see on your account that your Yoti is already set up and now you need to send in a bill or document.


@Rachel well that seems odd as i deleted my yoti on request of support. So i do not have a active yoti account they destroyed all my info. And i only can upload the same id i used for yoti.

Before I deleted my yoti account i had a field that only asked for a payslip my employee my job title and btw adress.

But again I would like to do full yoti kyc as i cannot find anything how electronoem will store my documents and even if they are certified to handle kyc.

Also again i know i don’t need kyc 2 now that’s on purpose as i expected troubles with kyc. But in crypto this could change fast a sudden 100 procent price increase would lock half my funds.

could u please explain how I can do a yoti only kyc 2? without uploading extra documents to electronoem. yoti ensured me this should be possible. that’s the only question i have at the moment.


You MUST upload a document to electroneum to get kyc level 2!
That doesn’t work with yoti!


if so that would be very dissapointing can someone from official support confirm that kyc Level 2 is not possible with yoti?

especially as yoti states it is possible to do kyc 2 with only the yoti app.


Levels 2 and 3 are made through


yes that has been already said. but there is so much conflicting info on this forum that i really would like to have this confirmed by official support. let’s wait what they have to say.

@Rachel could u confirm that kyc Level 2 is impossible with the yoti ap?


I verified myself quite some time ago, so I know what is to be done.
But of course, you always have to rely on the ETN team first. :slight_smile:


Cuando se van a realizar. Hasta ahora no puedo completar el nivel 2. Yoti no me permite verificar mi número de celular. Lo cual se me dificultad crear una cuenta y así pasar al nivel 2. Tampoco puedo escanear el código QR con la aplicación ETN MINIG desde mi perfil para que esta me dirija a la aplicación yoti. Estoy atascado en este problema alguien puede ayudarme. Solo he completado el nivel 1. No puedo pasar al nivel por dicho problema que les comenté


Hola puedes ayudarme no puedo completar el nivel 2. Yoti no me permite verificar mi nĂşmero de celular . He visto en el foro de la comunidad electroneum que debo escanear el cĂłdigo QR desde mi perfil en pero cada vez que lo hago me sale error. Y hasta allĂ­ solo he llegado. Puedes ayudarme


Si, desde, pero con la aplicacion YOTI de tu movil.


No, it’s not. You’ve done your Yoti and now you must upload a document to my.electroneum to complete level 2.


Could u confirm please that yoti kyc 2 without uploading extra documents to my electronoem is possible?

this is also a question in my investment group i am trying to get clear answers for them also as the forum enquery and support requests is a painfull experience. If yoti kyc 2 is a problem then this is a factor for investing in etn also so thats why i keep pussing for a clear answer.

So my question is:

Can u do yoti kyc 2 without uploading extra documents to my electronoem?

and if not why not?

I will relay the answer on this and abandon kyc, if yoti only kyc 2 is not possible and stop bothering u if u please could give a clear answer and would really appreciate it if u could explain why kyc 2 only is not possible with yoti even as yoti states it is.

thank u


No, you need to do the Yoti step AND upload a document to complete level 2.


seems my last answer did not go true moderation is there a way to see why?


@rachel Ok thank u

KYC 2 is NOT possible with yoti only.

This is now clear to me, really dissapointing but clear answer thank u, when i relayed the answer i got asked why u have to upload the exact same id to two places (yoti and my electroneum) seems odd. As u have two points of failure then.