Close to finishing an integration! How I can reach someone from the etn team?

I am coming pretty close to finishing an integration for an ecommerce platform… Does anyone know how I can reach someone from the ETN team? Before I can finish up development and start thinking about beta testing, I have a couple of questions regarding hosting the plugin, and I also some techincal questions.
Edit: By the way, if anyone from the team reads this please write to me in a dm!

@Rach can you help @mehmeh about his questions, he have been askin :slight_smile:


@Egg can help with instant payments

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I’m leading the vendor payment here at Electroneum, please feel free to private message me or reply here - maybe the community can help! So many others have fully integrated and will be happy to share their experiences.



Thanks for replying, I sent you a pm :slight_smile:

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